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Pivotal LNG Assets

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plays an important role in Southern Company Gas' strategy to meet the growing demand for safe, reliable natural gas in the states served by its utilities. Pivotal LNG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Company Gas, is bringing an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative fuel to companies and industries that rely primarily on liquid fuels such as diesel and propane. Southern Company Gas and Pivotal LNG currently own and operate six liquefaction facilities and sell LNG as an alternative fuel for transportation and other high horsepower applications in the wholesale market. Southern Company Gas also uses LNG for peak-shaving, to supply natural gas when customer demand is highest.

In addition, Southern Company Gas owns three portable vaporization units that can be transported to any customer location. When coupled with tractor-trailer LNG tankers, these units can supplement a utility's pipeline system or service individual customers behind the meter for continued operations when pipelines constrain supply. This service is critical to avoid loss of service to customers in times of peak demand or pipeline supply system outages. Pivotal LNG’s fleet of LNG tankers are available along with trusted transportation partners to supply LNG at the customer’s point of need.

Pivotal LNG and Southern Company Gas operate a network of LNG production facilities with the capacity to produce 554,000 gallons of LNG per day and the ability to store more than 94 million gallons. Our fleet of tankers allows us to deliver environmentally friendly LNG directly to our customers’ locations.

To learn more, visit the Pivotal LNG digital brochure.