Corporate Organization

Pivotal LNG is part of Southern Company Gas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE:SO). Pivotal LNG and Southern Company Gas operate a network of LNG production facilities in the southeastern United States. These facilities have the capacity to produce 540,000 LNG-gallons per day and the ability to store more than 94 million LNG-gallons. We are expanding our network of LNG production assets to Jacksonville, Florida. The Jacksonville facility will serve the trucking, marine and other high-horsepower markets.

As an economic and environmentally friendly fueling alternative, natural gas is transforming the nation's energy landscape, and Pivotal LNG is leading the way by supplying liquefied natural gas to its customers. Pivotal LNG provides flexible, cost-effective LNG solutions, including firm and interruptible LNG supply, flexible contract structures and pricing alternatives. We are committed to providing LNG 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With our fleet of cryogenic tankers, we have the capability to deliver LNG directly to your specific fueling location.