LNG: The Right Fuel, The Right Time

With the widening spread between natural gas and liquid based petroleum fuels, LNG is an attractive alternative for many transportation and stationary applications. LNG is a lower cost alternative to fuels like diesel and propane and offers significant long-term benefits to your bottom line.

LNG offers many advantages over petroleum-based fuels, including:

  • Domestic, Clean and Abundant
    Based on shale discoveries, natural gas supplies in the United States have risen to such levels that over 100 years worth of reserves exist based on current estimates. Additionally, LNG is an environmentally friendly fuel that can offer an emission reduction of up to 30 percent from diesel.

  • Economic Advantage
    A historically high spread between crude oil and natural gas offers an opportunity to make the capital investment to switch to LNG and amortize costs over an acceptable period of time.

  • Price Stability
    North American natural gas supplies are decoupled from significantly higher world oil prices which, in addition to an abundance in supply, results in a more stable natural gas market and spread against oil for the foreseeable future.

  • Extensive Applications
    LNG is a cost-effective fuels solution in the transportation sector (heavy-duty trucking, marine or rail) as well as in high horsepower appliances such as drilling, mining and power generation.

  • LNG Technologies
    Proven technologies exist to use natural gas as a fuel in these sectors or convert existing equipment from diesel or propane to LNG and any additional capital investment to convert is quickly recovered due to the price spread.