Natural Gas for Your Business

The widening spread between natural gas and oil make LNG an attractive alternative fuel that offers substantial long-term cost advantages over other petroleum fuels. Because of low and stable natural gas prices, LNG adopters are also able to recover their end-use conversion investments in an acceptable time frame.

An Environmentally Friendly Fuel

Increasing environmental restrictions on air emissions make clean-burning natural gas a viable fuel solution as it produces up to 30 percent less CO2 than oil and, in many applications, already meets Tier 4 emission levels, whereas sticking with diesel may mean immediate and significant price increases to meet new emission standards.

LNG Applications

LNG is currently being used increasingly as alternative fuel for applications characterized by high fuel consumption, including:

  • Fleet Fueling
    As a transportation fuel, LNG can be a viable and cost-effective transportation fuel for heavy-duty tractors and trucks where:
    • Fuel consumption is high
    • Maximum range and minimum weight are important
    • Frame rail space is limited
    • The time to refuel impacts operations

    Providing companies with greater access to this alternative fuel will enable cost savings and operational efficiencies that can benefit both consumers and the environment.

  • High Horsepower
    The use of LNG as a substitute fuel is increasing rapidly in a wide array of off-road, high horsepower applications characterized by high diesel fuel consumption.

    While fleet operators have been among the heaviest LNG users to-date, there are a number of other high-horsepower applications that can take advantage of significant operational cost reductions and environmental benefits the fuel offers, including:

    • Marine
    • Rail
    • Drilling
    • Mining
    • Power Generation