ATLANTA – July 10, 2017 – Pivotal LNG has executed another multiyear contract to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Crowley Maritime Corp. (Crowley). LNG is transported from one of Pivotal LNG facilities by Crowley and delivered to the customer in Puerto Rico. This new contract, executed through Crowley’s subsidiary, Carib Energy LLC, not only extends a 2014 contract awarded to Pivotal LNG for supply for this pharmaceutical company, but it also increases the volume of LNG delivered to allow for the expanded use of LNG at the company’s plants in Puerto Rico.

“LNG is a clean, domestically produced alternative fuel that is being used by multiple industries to save money and reduce emissions. Since 2014, we have successfully delivered LNG to industries in Puerto Rico without interruption,” said Tim Hermann, president of Pivotal LNG. “This partnership with Crowley continues to help customers expand their use of LNG in Puerto Rico. This transaction serves as another example that the virtual LNG pipeline we created delivers an economic, reliable and environmentally friendly fuel to the island.”

As with the existing LNG contracts with Crowley, Pivotal LNG loads LNG onto Crowley’s international shipping organization (ISO) containers at one of Pivotal LNG’s supply sources in the southeast. These ISO containers are transported via truck to Crowley-owned vessels in Jacksonville, Florida. Crowley then delivers the LNG to customers in Puerto Rico. Pivotal LNG expects to source these volumes from the JAX LNG plant in Jacksonville that is being jointly developed with Pivotal LNG’s partner, Northstar Midstream. This state-of-the-art plant is expected to be operational before the end of the year.

“Crowley’s partnership with Pivotal LNG continues to bring liquefied natural gas to our customers safely and reliably, helping them meet their energy needs with a clean, economic fuel source,” said Crowley Vice President Greg Buffington. “With Pivotal LNG’s and Crowley’s teams working together, our customers have been able to expand their environmental sustainability efforts and better manage weather-related power challenges that can affect Puerto Rico.”

Pivotal LNG and Southern Company Gas operate a network of LNG production facilities with the capacity to produce over 554,000 gallons per day and the ability to store more than 96 million gallons. Pivotal LNG, through its JAX LNG partnership, is developing an LNG production facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The JAX LNG facility is expected to be in-service in the fourth quarter. For more information about LNG and LNG solutions, please visit