TRUSSVILLE, AL – August 15, 2017 – Pivotal LNG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southern Company Gas, presented Jefferson County Commissioner Knight and Trussville Mayor Choat with a $150,000 check to help defray the cost to enhance the roads in the surrounding community near the Pivotal LNG-owned liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant located in Trussville, Alabama.

Floyd Bradford Road is a major thoroughfare for local citizens and when Pivotal LNG purchased the LNG plant from the City of Trussville Utilities Board a few years ago, Floyd Bradford was in need of repair. The LNG plant is located just off Floyd Bradford Road on Gasline Road. When Jefferson County contracted to repair the road, Pivotal LNG was eager to contribute to help pay for the improvements. The road surface was smoothed with new pavement, signs were replaced where needed, new guardrails were installed for safety and fresh bright stripes were laid to allow the drivers a clear, smooth and safe commute.

The LNG plant was originally placed into service in 1978 as a peak-shaver by the City of Trussville to meet its customer’s natural gas needs during peak winter days. When Pivotal LNG acquired the plant in December 2011, it became one of the first LNG plants dedicated solely to the growing merchant LNG market.

Over the past five years, Pivotal LNG has invested capital in a number of projects at Trussville to improve plant safety, infrastructure and efficiency all while supporting the surrounding community.

“The Trussville community is our community, and we take great pride in being a good neighbor,” said Tim Hermann, president of Pivotal LNG. “I am happy to present this check to help defray the costs of the Floyd Bradford Road improvement. I am also grateful to Commissioner Knight and Mayor Choat who have taken time from their busy schedules to formally accept this payment.”

“I wish to thank Tim Hermann, along with the cities of Trussville, Leeds, Irondale and Birmingham for their cooperation in this venture,” said Jefferson County Commissioner Joe Knight, (District 4). “This has truly been a public-private partnership and working together, we have put forth our best efforts to serve the citizens of this area. We look forward to a lasting relationship with our businesses and again, many thanks to Pivotal LNG for making this possible.”

The Trussville LNG plant has the capacity to produce 60,000 gallons of LNG per day. LNG is a safe, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable liquid form of natural gas that is utilized by a number of industries as an environmentally friendly fuel.

The $150,000 check was presented to Commissioner Knight and Mayor Choat during a ceremony at the plant on Aug. 11. The ceremony was followed by a tour of the plant.

Pivotal LNG and Southern Company Gas operate a network of LNG production facilities with the capacity to produce over 554,000 gallons per day and the ability to store more than 96 million gallons. Pivotal LNG, through its JAX LNG partnership, is developing an LNG production facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The JAX LNG facility is expected to be in-service in Q4 2017. For more information about LNG and LNG solutions, please visit